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Pray for Las Vegas

No, it’s not often that you see a prayer request for a metropolitan area nick-named Sin City.  But, America awoke to some very tragic news last Monday morning.  When the chaos ended Sunday night, over 55 people had died (more have died since) and hundreds were wounded just because they attended a music festival.

Pray today for the families of those who lost their lives to a deranged gunman.  Pray for his relatives!  Pray for guidance for those involved with an extensive investigation.  Pray for the city of Las Vegas.  Pray for America, because our country will never be the same. Pray with thanksgiving that we can go to work tomorrow without fear.  Pray with thanks that we have safety in our homes.  Pray that God would forgive this gross sin and heal our land.

Thank God, also, that we can still proclaim His Good News over the airwaves and more and that all of us can be comforted, edified and reassured that He is still in control. And thank you, WBNH partner, for joining us every day.

Operation Christmas Child events coming soon!

Every year, Operation Christmas Child holds Collection Week at hundreds of drop-off locations across the country, including WBNH!  In addition to packing shoe box gifts and bringing them to us on November 13–20, you are invited to special Countdown Events prior to Collection Week.

Livia Young, a former orphan from Romania, will be the guest at special events this Saturday, October 7 @ 10:00am.  She will appear at a special worship service and more at Northwoods Community Church in Peoria at 10:00am.  She will join us for fun with the kids at St. Paul Baptist Church in Peoria at 2:00pm.  Finally, she will be at dinner and more at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Washington at 5:00pm.

Join us at any of these events to learn of how Operation Christmas Child impacted a child for Christ!  And, learn how you can get involved and be a part of Collection Week in November! WBNH is also looking for volunteers to help us November 13 - 20.  Contact us to learn how you can help us receive hundreds of shoebox gifts!

WBNH is Planning Another Bus Trip!

We’re going to Chicago again!  This time, WBNH will travel to the Windy City to enjoy shopping and Candlelight Carols at beautiful Moody Church on Saturday, December 2!  This year, we’re only taking one bus!  So, make your plans early, as the bus will fill quickly. Purchase tickets here.


-The WBNH Staff 
Jim, Keith, Daniel, and Carla
Your friends at WBNH 88.5FM


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