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The WBNH 88.5FM COMMUNITY CALENDAR is not necessarily an endorsement of a particular group or activity, but a public service to our listeners. WBNH reserves the right to determine what announcements are of most interest to our listening audience.



Encounter Of God

Nov 24, 2012 from 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM

We are having this event on Nov 10th, Nov 17th, and Nov 24th @ 6:30pm

We are having an extended worship time following the films. Also Q&A about the films will be held during worship.

This event is not just for believers, we want to invite anyone one of any faith and unbelievers as a whole. 

We welcome you to see what God is doing around the world!


Nov 10th- "Finger of God"6:30pm

   Description: FINGER OF GOD is a documentary following the quest for truth of a young professor who has been confronted by a miraculous event. FINGER OF GOD will transform both believers and nonbelievers with its compelling story showing that miracles may be more common than most people think.

Nov 17th- "Furious Love"6:30pm

   Description: FURIOUS LOVE delves into the supernatural and miraculous moves of Jesus Christ around the world to bring people to Himself. With no agenda, disarmingly honest and non-hyped, with childlike curiosity and a very strong witness to Jesus as Savior, this documentary shows many lives changed because of Christ’s free gift of salvation.

Nov 24th- "Father of Lights"6:30pm

   Description: Through filming incredible (and often historic) spiritual encounters around the world, Darren Wilson cuts through religious misconceptions in an effort to find the true nature and character of God. If God could be filmed, what would He look like? In this final documentary of the trilogy, prepare to meet your maker!

Location: Trinity Church, 1901 S. Fourth Ave., Morton, IL 61550

Contact: Matt Burns 309-696-7086

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