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On-Air Listening Guide

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WEEKDAYS:  Monday–Friday

 Music Programs 

 Teaching Programs 
 Talk Programs 

 Children's Programs  

12:00pm   Refresh!
12:15pm   Parent Minute
12:29pm   The Book
12:45pm   FEBC Today
1:00pm     Treasured Truth
1:24pm     Today in the Word Devot’l
1:26pm     Creation Moments
1:30pm     Just Thinking
1:43pm     Janet Parshall Comm’tary (Fri)
1:54pm     Stewardship Minute
2:00pm     Chris Fabry Live!
2:09pm     Listen Up
2:10pm     Ignite with Barry Meguiar
2:43pm     Seeking Him
2:44pm     Insights
3:00pm     Glory Sounds
3:15pm     Parenting Today’s Teens
3:30pm     Just a Thought
3:31pm     Pray for Israel
3:31pm     Israel in the News (Fridays)
3:35pm     Bible Trivia (Tuesdays)
3:45pm     Answers w/ Ken Ham
4:00pm     In the Market w/ Janet Parshall
4:05pm     The Garlow Perspective

4:06pm     Man in the Mirror
4:15pm     Lighthouse Report

4:17pm     The Point
4:42pm     Legacy Moment / Haven Now
5:00pm     In the Market w/ Janet Parshall
5:05pm     MoneyWise Minute
5:06pm     The Ankerberg Minute
5:15pm     The Point of View
5:17pm     Share Life Today
5:42pm     Legal Alert
5:43pm     Real Family Life
6:00pm     Turning Point
6:26pm     The Public Square Daily
6:30pm     Adventures In Odyssey
7:00pm     Gospel Time
7:53pm     My Money Life
8:00pm     The Word in Song
8:13pm     Seeking Him
8:14pm     Ignite
8:43pm     You Think About That
8:44pm     A Love Language Minute
9:00pm     Walk in the Word
9:26pm     Fully Engaged Minute
9:27pm     PowerPoint
10:00pm   Night Light
10:30pm   Listen to the Bible
11:00pm   Night Light
11:30pm     Proverb of the Day