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Assassination Attempt and Forgiveness // Jonathan's Story
December 30, 2013

You have to hear one of the most spine-tingling programs of the year. It’s the story of a family living overseas who face a harrowing, unbelievable day of violence and grace. Ray, Hélène and Hannah Norman tell this unforgettable story of an assassination attempt on Ray and Hannah that changed their lives forever. Yours won’t be the same either, so join us. Then, the story of Jonathan. He was a street fighter, earning money pummeling his opponents. His life spiraled until something happened that brought freedom. 

Featured: Ray Norman, Hannah Norman, Hélène Norman, Jonathan McLeod
Host: Chris Fabry

A Conversation with Janet Parshall // Why We Sing
December 27, 2013

We want you to hear one of the most candid and “real” discussions of 2013. Chris conducted the conversation at the Radio Backyard Fence with one of Christian radio’s top talkers, Janet Parshall. But the thing she reveals about her life may surprise you. Don’t miss the heartfelt pain and struggle she reveals. Then, have you ever caught yourself humming a hymn or gospel song? Why do we sing? Where does music come from? And why does it reach that deep place in our soul? Hear a conversation with Steve Guthrie on Friday. 

Featured: Janet Parshall, Steve Guthrie
Host: Chris Fabry

The Single Life as God Intended // Worship
December 26, 2013

Do you live your life as if singleness is a disease? Dr. Lina AbuJamra says that the single life is not a lesser option. It’s actually a gift from God to you and those around you. Don’t wait for life to happen. Join us Thursday for some encouragement and hope. Then, his worship songs have been sung in churches around the world, but his beginnings as a songwriter were quite humble. Singer and songwriter Paul Baloche joins us. 

Featured: Lina AbuJamra, Paul Baloche
Host: Chris Fabry