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Father's Day Giveaway

You could win 2 baseball tickets!

Do you have a special baseball memory?  

We would love hear it!  
You can share your memory on this page (but not required to enter to win).

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 16. You could win 2 tickets for the Cubs/Cardinals baseball game on Saturday, July 13!  We're taking a bus to St. Louis and it includes lunch on the bus and dinner at Golden Corral - a total value of $300!

Winner will be randomly drawn and announced on Friday, June 14th at 8:05am.

Happy Father’s Day!

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Thank you for sharing and Happy Father's Day!

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Some of your favorite baseball memories...

Going to see the Peoria Chiefs with my family & staying to watch fireworks afterwards! -Abby from Savoy

Annually going to a Cubs game at Wrigley Field with my dad and getting to have one on one time with him while enjoying our favorite team! -Justin from Morton

My father has past but I do have a memory at a baseball game.  We went to a Peoria chiefs game for his Father Days gift. Nice pleasant day to spend with him and my brother and sister in law. Dad stay until the fireworks were over with me and a Christian concert.  I am doing this for my son in law so he may spend a day with his son.  A daughter's memory about her dad. Hoping son in law will have the same with his son.  Just spending time. -Regina from Washington

I coached my daughter's softball team and had just finished practice. Then my adult team began practicing. I'm a catcher and love it, but we didn't have a mask. I tried to wear the one from the little girls' equipment, but it was too small. It just wouldn't stay on, so I tossed it aside. Our pitcher, Ginny, was Amazing and threw HARD! A few pitches later, Debbie fouled off the pitch. It hit me right in the forehead and knocked me out cold! One of our players (also named Carol) had seen an EMT jogging by, so she hopped on her motorcycle and went after him. He looked me over and decided I'd better be taken to Dr. Morris' house. Randy took me. I got out of the car and fell down, so he carried me inside. Doc told the EMT to go get the ambulance, so off we went to the ER at OSF in Peoria, where I was admitted. Friends took my kids home with them and Randy called Denzil (working 2nd) and told him I was in the hospital. Denzil came in the morning and saw the seam of the ball imprinted on my forehead! I had a concussion and what looked like "chicken tracks" on my dented forehead! A few days later I got to go home. Why is this a Good Memory?!! Because Denzil said he was gonna buy me a mask, but I wanted a glove! I had never owned my own glove and was so excited to pick one out!! That's been over 40 years ago, and I still have the glove!! -Carol from Delavan

Mom and Dad taking us to St. Louis every summer to a baseball game at the old stadium.  Love seeing Ozzie Smith do his famous flip as he took the field. -Denise from Morton

The Mark McGuire/ Sammy Sosa homerun race. That was an exciting time. They did not have an ego. Despite them competing against each other, they were supportive of each other. -Dan from Normal

My Dads favorite team is the Cardinals. He turns 85 on July 4th. He was (is) a hard worker all his life and we didn’t go to games much. I know he would love opportunity to see his team play their rivals, the Cubbies!  Happy Father’s Day to all the Father’s out there💙 -Jill from Danvers

July 8, 1977. Family went to Cubs game in Chicago.   It was a special day to remember.  Mostly because I asked a special person a question the day before. 7/07/77     Realized later how could anyone ever pick a more special day. A perfect 7. -David from Morton

Going to to see the Cubs play with my dad throughout my time growing up and sharing in the excitement of the Cubs winning the 2016 World Series -Riley from West Peoria

Family buss trip to Wrigley  to watch Cubs & Cards -Dianne from Toulon

When the Cardinals won the World Series! -Bruce from Princeville

My Dad would plan family outings to Cub-Card games, it was fun time for the whole family. He past away 3 years ago, so last year in honor of Dad, the family again made the trip to one more game. Family came from as far as California. It was a special way to remember Dad! -Scott from Bloomington

It’s not a “favorite “ baseball memory, but a very much disappointment.  I had, from a friend, box office seats, food galore, and a perfect view of the game.  On the drive to STL, I began experiencing the worst toothache ever!  I literally could not totally enjoy the blessing of that ticket to the game.    Oops 😬, not actually box office seats, but so close to the game.  We had buffet food, drinks, the works, but I couldn’t enjoy.  In fact, I honestly can’t recall who won. -Rick from Chillicothe

Besides the Cubs winning the World Series in 2016, game 7, after a rain delay?  Hard to top that, but I'd say going to the local minor league game with my kids on Star Wars night, all of us dressed up (I was Vader, obviously), taking photos with other characters, and generally having a goofy and fun night together as a family. -DEAN from Bloomington

When the Cubs won the World Series in 2016! -Michael from Peoria

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