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The WBNH Good Newsletter

March 2023

A Change Of Seasons – Winter to Spring

As one who works in ministry, I (Jim writing here) have many times wondered why God created winter.  I don’t enjoy winter!  I’m convinced God made winter so we more enjoy spring.  But then, I consider the familiar Ecclesiastes Chapter 3:

To everything there is a season,
A time for every purpose under heaven:
A time to be born,
And a time to die;
A time to plant,
And a time to pluck what is planted; - Ecclesiastes 3:1-2

I realize now that God is in control, and he has made everything in his time for his enjoyment.  Just as man was created as a perfect being, God shows us his glory every year in the springtime.  Man, however, fell.  And sin entered the earth.  With sin comes decay, death and ugliness.  I think the fall season is ironic in that it shows decay, but God even loves us by showing his beauty in the fall foliage we here in central Illinois enjoy each year.

But then comes winter.  It’s a time of reflection, perhaps a time of re-evaluation and a time of re-commitment.  Finally, spring!  Just as God created a good, perfect Earth, every year he reminds us of his love for us when he brings forth all of the new buds, flowers, leaves, grasses….all the plants and even the newborn animals and birds.  I can hear Him saying, “Yes, I still love you and here is proof.”

We have just a little bit more winter, my WBNH friend, and then we get……Spring!

Kingdom Sports Minute airing on WBNH

Kingdom Sports Ministry provides resources and training tools for discipling athletes and coaches in “Doing Sports God’s Way.”  Based on Wes Neal’s ground-breaking biblical research that impacted the sports world in the 1970s and inspired by co-founders Ron Brown and Gordon Thiessen, Kingdom Sports Minute is a one-minute encouraging program that applies scripture with insightful stories! Now airing on WBNH, Wednesdays @ 8:31am, and Thursdays @ 3:54pm, as well as rotating throughout the week. Hope you can tune in! And we welcome Central Illinois Representative Cole Espenshied!

Volunteers Needed at WBNH!

Would you enjoy taking part in the exciting events we host here at WBNH each year?  With Share 2023 only 2 months away, we'd love to have you join our team of volunteers. Share 2023, our annual fundraiser, will be held May 4 – 6.  And to help make it a great success, we’ll again welcome our supportive WBNH volunteers.  Come join the fun and help us get ready!  Contact Carla at 309/636-8850 or at Thank you for your continued support!

Brooke Ligertwood coming to Peoria!

In three weeks, join Brooke Ligertwood (Hillsong Worship), David Funk (Bethel Music), Elyssa Smith (Upperroom), and the SEVEN team for a life-giving night of worship and ministry, believing that together we will experience the Person and Presence of Jesus. Venue has been changed and will now be at Riverside Community Church in Peoria on Wednesday, March 22 @ 7pm (doors open at 6pm). Tickets start at $20, purchase here. And WBNH will have a booth in the lobby, come say hello!

….and from our mailbox….

We always enjoy the feedback, encouragement and more that we get from our listeners, whether it's a hand-written letter, a simple sticky note, an email or Facebook post...we love them all!  Recently, a dear sister wrote…

“I am so grateful for your Christian Radio [station].  I pray for those who tune in to WBNH that they will have open and tender hearts to let God come in and that they would learn of what He has in store for them.”

It is great that our listeners are praying, too.  We thank this dear one who took the time to write.  We look forward to hearing from anyone all the time.  Our address is 1919 Mayflower Drive, Pekin, IL 61554.  Email us at or check in on Facebook.  And thanks from all of us at WBNH.


'Marching' forward in His service,

Jim, Keith, Daniel, and Carla
Your friends at WBNH 88.5FM

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