Listening Guide

WEEKDAYS:  Monday-Friday
12:00am   Praise & Worship Channel
12:20am   Daily Direction
1:00am     Praise & Worship Channel
1:20am     Haven Today
2:00am     Praise & Worship Channel
2:20am     Bible Q&A
3:00am     Praise & Worship Channel
3:20am     Making Your Life Count
4:00am     Praise & Worship Channel
4:20am     Portraits of Grace

4:21am     Precepts for Life
5:00am     Truth for Life 
5:25am     Probe
5:31am     Breakpoint
5:35am     The Wisdom Journey
5:50am     A Word with You
6:00am     Turning Point
6:26am     A Principle to Live By
6:29am     The Public Square 
7:00am     Music For Your Life I 
7:05am     Morning Prayer
7:14am     Christian Movie Update (Tues)
7:15am     Daily Light for Daily Living

7:16am     Family Matters Minute
7:25am     Christian Working Woman
7:40am     Morning Devotional
8:00am     Music For Your Life II 
8:15am     Man in the Mirror
8:16am     MoneyWise Minute
8:30am     Winning at Home Moment

8:31am     Prayer Point (Mondays)
8:35am     Bible Trivia (Tuesdays)
8:45am     New Beginnings
8:46am     Family Health Checkup
9:00am     Bold Steps
9:26am     A Quick Word
9:30am     Living on the Edge 
10:00am   Open the Bible
10:25am   Breakpoint
10:30am   Marriage Minute
10:31am   The Word in Song

10:43am  Today's Single Christian 
10:44am   Today's Key
11:00am   The Alternative 
11:25am   Daily Direction
11:27am   My MoneyLife
11:30am   Running to Win