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Special Programming

Sanctity of Life Special: “Hope out of Tragedy” | Friday, Jan. 19  @ 8pm-9pm, Sunday, Jan. 21 @ Noon

To listen to this special on-demand click here.

For many Americans, the argument for abortion often lands on the topic of rape—shouldn’t abortion be allowed in such difficult situations? How should Christians respond to pregnancy by rape?

In this year’s all-new special programming created in conjunction with Sanctity of Life Sunday (and the annual March for Life in Washington DC), host Brad Mattes answers the concern with a powerful reminder of the value of every human life.

"To impose the death penalty on an innocent child isn’t justice and it gives the rapist more power, not less." — Brad Mattes

A veteran of the pro-life movement, Brad has a Master’s degree in Biblical Studies and Biblical Counseling. He has a particular heart for fathers of aborted children and often counsels those in such grief.

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