Special Programming

Good Friday & Easter Specials

For many Christians, Gethsemane is a brief rest stop on the way to the main story — the cross. But what is the real truth about Jesus sweating “drops of blood?” And when Jesus prayed, “Not my will but thine be done” what did He want us to learn? The answers to these and more are revealed during "Secrets From The Garden", Thursday, April 9 @ 8pm.

"His Final Hours" is a cutting-edge documentary with a timeline perspective on the events of the Passion Week. Interviews with Chuck Swindoll, Lee Strobel, Tim LaHaye and Dr. Walt Larimore offer a profound look at the medical aspects of Christ's sufferings, and Michael Rydelnik underscores the significance of Passover. "His Final Hours", Good Friday, April 10 @ 3pm.

A young boy, abandoned by his parents because of a ghastly facial birthmark, is taken in by Roman Soldiers. He earns his keep in the commissary by supplying vinegar wine to condemned prisoners at Crucifixion Hill. He learns of a man called Christ, the healer, but his encounter with Christ turns disastrous when he discovers the Healer staggering up toward Crucifixion Hill. "Vinegar Boy", Good Friday, April 10 @ 8pm.

Join us for an Easter-themed "The Land and the Book" with Dr. Charlie Dyer as you'll hear an interview with the keeper of the garden tomb, Q&A time about the believability of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and take a look at how people celebrate Easter in Israel. Finally, a devotional called “The Road to Calvary”. "Easter in the Land and the Book", Saturday, April 11 @ 1pm.

Visit with Bill and Gloria Gaither and hear the story behind the song "Because He Lives". Plus, Michael Card, Steve Green and Larnelle Harris share how traveling through Israel inspired their thoughts about Easter. Then, modern hymn writers, Keith and Kristyn Getty, take us inside their music making. "In Celebration of the Risen King", Easter Sunday, April 12 @ noon.

"Ultimate Miracle" relives the impossible-made-possible. Through painstaking research, creative drama sketches and expert commentary, listeners are transported to the actual Holy Land sites where many of Christ's miracles occurred. . "Ultimate Miracle", Easter Sunday @ 3pm.

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