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Christmas Specials on WBNH

"The Lesser Characters of Christmas" | Friday, Dec. 6  @ 8pm-9pm
There’s Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus, but what of the lesser characters of Christmas? Elizabeth, the mother of John, and her husband, Zechariah. Also Anna, the prophetess, and Simeon, both of whom were supernaturally appointed to meet the infant King at the temple. We'll meet them in this documentary.

“The Holy Spirit of Christmas”  |  Saturday, Dec. 7 @ 2pm-3pm  &  Sunday, Dec. 8 @ 12pm-1pm
The decorated tree. Beautifully wrapped gifts. Bountiful meals. We enjoy all this at Christmas often without considering what preceded the final glorious presentation. In some ways, the same is true of the nativity story. The arrival of Jesus is our rightful focus… but what transpired before that event to bring it to accomplishment? Join Charles Morris in “the Holy Spirit of Christmas” as he uniquely explains the work of the Holy Spirit in delivering the Father’s special present to the world. Also featured are Pastor Costi Hinn and musician Laura Story.

“Trail of Two Kings”  |  Friday, Dec. 13 @ 8pm-9pm
With Herod as a narrator to Moody Radio’s original production, “Trail of Two Kings,” audiences are invited to share in the paths of two kings. Yet, in the end, one king will experience a rise of power on earth that is fleeting, while the other embodies the very essence of power and life in the Father.
“O Little Town of Bethlehem”  |  Saturday, Dec. 14  @ 2pm-3pm

Moody Radio’s “O Little Town of Bethlehem” takes listeners on a journey into Bethlehem. Listen in to the rich sounds of the real-life hustle and bustle of the marketplace & neighborhoods depicting both Bethlehem today and yesterday.

 “A Marriage Carol”  |  Saturday, Dec. 14 @ 5pm-6pm
Adapted from the title by Chris Fabry and Gary Chapman, “A Marriage Carol,” is a drama from Moody Radio. The story follows Marlee and Jacob, a couple on their way to sign divorce papers. But when a snow storm spins their car across the ice, the collision that follows puts everything on hold.

“The Hope of Hanukkah”  |  Sunday, Dec. 15  @ 12pm-1pm
To understand the origin of Hanukkah is to understand there is hope in Jesus Christ. In Moody Radio’s “The Hope of Hanukkah,” listeners are guided on a step by step odyssey filled with musical arrangements and relevant interviews concerning the pivotal events leading to the creation of this celebration.

“Candlelight Carols: The Word Became Flesh”  |  Tuesday, Dec. 17 @ 8pm-10pm
This year's program features music and drama from the Division of Music and Media Arts to paint a picture of the Christmas story and the life of our Savior. The Moody Chorale, Gospel Choir, Worship Collectives, and Campus Orchestra will be featured, along with the jazz ensemble and guitar quartet. The drama, directed by communications professor Matthew Moore, will center around the Scriptures as student actors tell the story of Jesus.

“Christmas In America” Hosted by the Public Square  |  Wednesday, Dec. 18 @ 8pm-10pm
This year’s episode of Christmas In America begins in 1783. This is the year that George Washington came home for Christmas. The year America’s first Commander in Chief reaches the front door of his home in Mt. Vernon - keeping a promise he had made to his wife Martha that he would be home in time for Christmas Dinner.

“The Beautiful Music of Christmas”  |  Thursday-Wednesday, Dec. 19-25 - 24hrs/day
Delight in the sounds of the season with your favorites during “The Beautiful Music of Christmas”. Michael W. Smith, Fernando Ortega, The Gettys, Hillsong, Shane & Shane, Sara Groves, MercyMe, National Philharmonic Orchestra, London Brass, Westminster Choir and more!

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