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Memories of Mom

Share your favorite memory of mom!

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 9. We decided to do something for central Illinois moms that all can enjoy. We invite you to participate in Memories of Mom. This can be anything you fondly remember of your mother, who may still be a part of your life or may be enjoying eternity now with Jesus. You don’t have to leave your name unless you wish. And in addition to making your memory available for all to enjoy on our website, we may read select submissions on the air. Thanks for sharing Memories of your Mom! And for many wonderful Christian sisters all over central Illinois – Happy Mother’s Day!

Thank you for submitting and Happy Mother's Day!!

Your Memories of Mom...

As a new missionary, Mom supervised 2 Taiwanese teens in cooking vegetables & foods she had never seen before & didn't know the names of. When Dad left with students on a university trip to a tiny island where he was stranded for 3 days without any communication, she was 'largely' pregnant with my sister. Nevertheless, she weathered that storm & many other challenges with aplomb, courage, grace, love, & admirable creativity. I'm proud of Mom, & glad to have watched a modern-day hero demonstrate God's faithfulness & love, rain or shine. -Anne from Bloomington

My favorite memory of how she instilled the love of reading and how that helped me later in studying. -Alta

Mine would start about 50 + years ago. My Mother memory is one that took place on hay baling day on the farm during the early 60's. At that time baling hay was a lot of work as it takes several workers to mow, rake hay, square bale the hay, drive tractors, stack the bales on the hay rack and once again stack the bales in the hayloft. This always occurred on the hottest day of the summer! I wanted to work outside with everyone else but my mother explained my job was to "serve" the workers a refreshing snack of drinks and fresh baked cookies. After telling her I wasn't happy about that, (I really wanted my sister's job of driving the small tractor) she told me I'd better get busy baking. I made the cookies and they baked beautifully. When I told my mom they done, she pushed them aside & said " now make another batch & this time put your heart into it. No matter how nice they look, if your heart isn't in it, it's not be done well enough". This obviously had an impact on me , in a way Mom's can do, since I've thought about it many times when my "heart isn't in it" attitude starts to come thru. I love the lesson as I have learned the value of serving God and others wholeheartedly. My prayer is I will always be able to do that. I give thanks for the blessing of a Godly mother who I was able to have til she was 97 and knowing she is living the best life now in heaven. 1 Chronicles 22: 19 Now seek the Lord wholeheartedly with your entire being!  -Susan from Armington

Seeing her rocking a baby in the mornings! She had 8 children.  -Dorothy

Playing with the dog!  -Anonymous

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