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Valentine's Giveaway!

Here's how it works...

February is the month of love, and we here at WBNH want to share our love with you, our listening family, in a special, tangible way.

The winner will be announced on Valentine's Day, Tues, Feb. 14 at 8:05am.


Enter to win our gift package that includes: 
a Texas Roadhouse giftcard,
AMC Theatres giftcard,
Starbucks giftcard,
Dove assorted truffles, and more... over a $100 value!

Join us for your opportunity to win our Valentine's Giveaway.  It’s our way of saying how much we love and thank you for being a part of our radio ministry.

Thank you for listening to WBNH!
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Thank you for listening!

Jim, Keith, Daniel, and Carla
Your friends at WBNH 88.5FM

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