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Valentine's Giveaway!

Here's how it works...

February is the month of love, and we here at WBNH want to share our love with you, our listening family, in a special, tangible way.

The winner will be announced on Valentine's Day, Wed, Feb. 14 at 8:05am.


Enter to win our gift package that includes: gift cards for dinner and a movie, chocolates and more!

Join us for your opportunity to win our Valentine's Giveaway.  It’s our way of saying how much we love and thank you for being a part of our radio ministry.

Thank you for listening to WBNH!
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Jim, Keith, Daniel, and Carla
Your friends at WBNH 88.5FM


What was your best Valentine's gift you received?   
Here are some of your responses!

- 1986-it was my husband’s birthday and our anniversary!  He was my greatest Valentine!!  -Brenda, Green Valley

- A 25lb. Box of chocolates in a huge heart shaped box.  -Lucille, Minonk

- A beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered to my front door when my husband was away on business.  -Becky, Morton

- A beret!  -Anna, Eureka

- A big teddy bear  -Amber, East Peoria

- A big wet kiss from my wife and something to eat!  -Steve, Pekin

- A bouquet of flowers and chocolates!  -Amy, Congerville

- A box of chocolates from my daughter KATIE.  -Rita, Morton

- A card from my husband with loving, heart felt words of his love for me.  -Amanda, Trivoli

- A date night with just my wife.  -Spencer, Brimfield

- A date out with my husband ❤️  -Debbie, Bloomington

- A great time with my wife on a date ice skating  -David Valente, Peoria

- A hand-drawn card from my husband.  -Trina, Pekin

- A heart necklace from my husband. He’s pretty sweet.  -Diana, San Jose

- A hug from my grandchildren.  -Marcia, Morton

- A little white stuffed seal from my husband ❤️  -Jan, Washington

- A love letter from my husband each Valentine's morning for the past 20 years of our marriage.  -Molly, Morton

- a nice bouquet of flowers  -Marcy, Deer Creek

- A night out with my precious husband❣️  -Joyce, Washington

- A night out with my wife  -Ed, Ellsworth

- A portrait of me that my husband sketched and a poem he wrote with it.  -Lauren, Stanford

- A puppy  -Beth, Pekin

- A quartet came and sang, brought chocolates and  one red rose.  -Marilyn, NORMAL

- a ring  -Marcy, Deer Creek

- A trip to Florida after a long winter!  -Kent, Morton

- After we had done some major remodeling, my husband paid to have the house cleaned of all the dust, while I was at work. That was wonderful!  -Janet, Stanford

- After years of infertility, we were finally blessed with a precious baby boy on August 14, 1997. His half birthday is Feb. 14. Every year we celebrate even his half birthday because I am just so grateful that God blessed him to us.  -Gloria, Peoria

- All the love I received from my parents through the years and especially now as my mother faces dementia.  She is still able to recognize me and is glad for my visits.  Her smiling face is the best gift ever.  -Kathleen, Peoria

- An unexpected flower arrangement from a kind loving friend!  -Jill, Washington

- Anytime I get to spend it with my sweetheart Kristi Marie is best! So time with her and getting to see Jesus in her everyday!  -Cole, Delavan

- Baby girl!  -Dean, Bloomington

- Being able  to treat my wife to a night out for dinner.  -Alan, Mackinaw

- Birthstone ring  -Cheryl, Mackinaw

- Bouquet of flowers and a box of Chocolate candy.  -Lela, Pekin

- Candy and a gift card...I love candy  -Tim, Eureka

- Candy or flowers!  -Linda, HANNA CITY

- Card and Candy  -Janet, Washington

- Cards from our kids when they were young.  -Nicole, Peoria

- Chocolate  -Chris, Eureka

- Chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate 😉  -Becky, East Peoria

- Chocolates & Dinner  -BetsyChocolates & Dinner, Washington, IL

- Chocolates from my dad  -Abby, Savoy

- chocolates with love  -Jerry, Edwards

- Cruise with my husband celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary on February 11 and Valentines Day together last year  -Carol, Deer Creek

- Date night witha movie!  -James, Morton

- Dinner  -Carla, East peoria

- Dinner, roses, chocolates and a  card with loving words!  -Jeannie, Peoria

- dozen long stemmed red roses  -Marshal, Groveland

- Finding out that I was going to have a baby!  -Mona, Pekin

- First child born four days after, mom, our lady Ruth travelled to Dubai for her birth for a month‘s stay, Ruth’s bday one day later! They celebrated together for many years, love being their theme!  -Rosemary, Groveland

- Flowers  -Gail, Gridley

- Flowers  -Jackie, Tremont

- Flowers  -Jill, Pekin

- Flowers  -Linda, Pekin

- Flowers  -Linda, Peoria

- Flowers , my favorite candy bar (  3 Musketeers), and  Pizza.  -Della, Chillicothe

- Flowers a card and a nice night alone out to eat with my husband!  -Susan, Elmwood

- Flowers and a teddy bear  -Lourie, Normal

- Flowers and dinner  -Linda, Pekin

- Flowers and quality time with my husband.  -Megan, Brimfield

- Flowers delivered to my door.  -Nancy, Pekin

- Flowers from the heart. Even when they come a couple days early to know I was thought of and loved.  -Julie, Mackinaw

- Hand made cards from grandchildren  -Matt, morton

- Hand written cards from my kids and grandkids!  -Veronica, Bloomington

- Handmade cards from my 3 kids. Made with so much love. I still have them, and they are grown up.  -Nancy, peoria

- Handmade cards from my kids.  -Ann, Peoria

- Home made meal  -Travis, Tremont

- home-made valentines from my grandkids  -Michelle, Normal

- Honestly, I can’t remember getting one. Life has been filled with hard times.  But the greatest gift I think is not a boxed gift… but the gift of love. Today, I think I have that.  -Deborah, Peoria

- Honestly, I don’t remember!!  Maybe a beautiful “Mom” necklace that I wore for a long time before I lost it, but that may have been a birthday gift, since my birthday is February 12.💕  -Janice, Bloomington

- Husband made supper for me.  -Brenda, Delavan

- I always enjoy getting flowers.  -Joanna, Peoria

- I can’t ever remember receiving one.   But I have made a lot of cut out  valentine cookies to give away!  That brings me joy!  -Mary, Princeville

- I don't remember  -Regina, Washington

- I have a set of coffee mugs given to me years ago by my husband. But it's not the mugs that are great-- it's the story. He waited until the last possible second on Valentine's Day to buy a set a coffee mugs for me that I had wanted in a coffee shop. There were none left, so he purchased this set instead. They're so silly, artsy, whimsical... Crazy colors used to paint ladies with giant colorful hats. It's hard to describe, but they're totally not my taste. However, I'll never get rid of them because we giggle each time I look at them, thinking about my reaction to the mugs when he gifted them to me. 😄❤️  -Becky, Mackinaw

- I have received so many nice Valentines gifts throughout the year, but cannot pinpoint just one favorite :)  -Andrea, Washington

- I received a Valentine-shaped box of chocolates from a boyfriend while I was still in high school. (We broke up the next week! Good timing -- right?!!) But Denzil and I haven't done presents for each other for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, or other holidays for many years. We don't need "stuff", so we do Cards -- sometimes pretty ones, sometimes funny ones! The best ever was a Victorian card with three Victorian-decorated hearts hanging on a ribbon. That was in 1997. It still hangs on the hook of a wall shelf in the living room.  -Carol, Delavan

- I received flowers from a child whom I had taken care of when I was his daycare teacher. That was an unexpected, very nice surprise.  -Nicole, Oglesby

- I remember receiving notes from husband and kids and it just means the world to me.  -Tamara, Morton

- I’ve been married 43 years in March. Every year I get a love note from my husband, many times on a homemade card.  He also brings me flowers, chocolate and. Jewelry, but my favorite are the cards he makes!  -Aretta, Emden

- In 1985 I was in labor on Valentines Day and early the next morning our daughter Laura was born. She was a wonderful valentines gift to us!  -Julie, Metamora

- It was the note my husband wrote in the card that meant the most to me 18 years ago.....the roses and chocolate were a nice added touch.  -Barbara, Metamora

- Jesus  -Debbi, Peoria

- Jesus and the gift of my husband - didn't happen on valentines day but still two so amazing to be loved by Jesus and my hubby.  -Becky, El Paso

- Jesus in my Heart  -Donald, Washington

- Jesus's love every day of course and this year, I'm celebrating my first valentines day with my new fiance!  -Kathy, MORTON

- Jewelry  -Sheree, Peoria

- Just being with my husband, now married 42 years today!  -Lori, Delavan

- Love from a special person plus a large box of chocolates  -Mike, Tremont

- Love of my family  -Lea, Edwards

- Many times just to be out with my wife Teresa!  -Rick, Washington

- Marrying my husband on Valentine's Day 1986!  -Penelope, Peoria

- My best gift is being with loved ones to celebrate - my children when they were younger and my husband. After battling Stage 4 cancer for 4and 1/2 years I am thankful to have my husband to go out for dinner with on Valentine's Day.  -Barb, ROANOKE

- My daughter's birthday  -Nina C, Minier

- My first valentine from my husband before we were married.  -Sandra, Creve Coeur

- My husband & I got engaged right before Valentine’s Day 6 years ago  -Lucy, Tremont

- My husband and I got married 34 years ago on February 15.
That is  a wonderful Valentine that just keeps giving. He is the Love of my life.  ♥️  -Lisa, Peoria

- My husband and I take turns each year planning a surprise trip for Valentine's Day. Some years it's been an overnight out of town and other years it has been as long as 4 days out of state. Having the great surprise to look forward to is what makes it so lovely!  -Christy, Tremont

- My husband of 42 years!  -Mary, Metamora

- My husband presented me with a necklace over coffee at a book store  -Cindy, Hanna City

- My husband wrote a homemade card with his own loving & encouraging words! I have it on my dresser mirror to look at every day;)  -Cheryl, Peoria

- My husband, when we were first dating, had gone and printed out pictures of the two of us he had gotten over the few weeks we had been together and placed them in a frame.  -Morgan, washington

- My husband.  -Crystal, Peoria

- My husband’s love for the past 42 years❤️  -Shirley, Morton

- My now husband asked me to be his girlfriend on valentines day  -Kelsey, BARTONVILLE

- My oldest son gave his heart to Jesus on Valentine's Day, (totally unrelated to the holiday, just happened to be on that day).  :-) Best gift any mother could ask for!  -Erin, El Paso

- My oldest son was born on February 13th.  I received roses and a private room which was probably the best Valentines Day gift I have received.  -Connie, Roanoke

- My son. It is his birthday!  -John, Kirkwood

- My wife of 42 years  -John, Metamora

- My wife who loves me unconditionally and has been my best friend and strength through our marriage.😎  -Gary, Hanna City

- My wife!  ...and lot's of little notes and treats from Mom before that :)  -Andy, Morton

- My wife's (Norma's) sugar cookies in 1978!  It sealed the deal for me. ;-)  -Alan, Pekin

- My wife's love on valentines day.  -Edwin, Pekin

- My wife's unwavering love  -George, Tremont

- Necklace  -Laurie, Bloomington

- Not sure. I think one year my wife got me a huge box of chocolate strawberries. They were awesome
blessings  -Kevin, Morton

- On my wife and I's first Valentines Day, she made homemade spaghetti sauce!  It was a nice gesture but the sauce was "not good"!  The best gift is a wife that I can laugh with about it!  -Greg, Tremont

- On Valentine's Day 1979 we brought home our newly adopted baby daughter!
She was 3 months old at the time.  -Cindy, Peoria

- One of our granddaughters was born on February 15...close enough!  -Jill, Tremont

- One of the funnest Valentine's gift I gave was about 27 years ago when my husband and I were recently married. Along with a Valentine's Day ad in a local paper, I surprised him with 14 Days of Love leading up to Valentine's Day, in which I surprised him every day with either a heart-themed food, card, or kind gesture. My husband says it was his favorite Valentine's Day gift.  -Cindy, Metamora

- One of the Valentine gifts I remember and will always cherish is the BROWNIES my older sister sent me when I was in the Army stationed in Baumholder, Germany. What makes it so memorable is that I received her package in July!  It is always the thought that counts.  -Bill, Canton

- oooooooh, I can't tell you.  Top Secret!!  -Don, Morton

- Our daughter, born 20 years ago - just a few days before Valentine's Day on Feb 10.  -Diane, LACON

- Our first born son came a few days after Valentine's day :)  -Brenda, Morton

- Our youngest daughter was born on Valentines Day!!!  -Dennis, East peoria

- Pecan Pie with ice cream. Judie loves to bake and keeps me in home made cookies.
Judie and I will be married 60 years on June 13. We have served these years in pastoral ministry. Today I am teaching for Moody Online since 2015.
She is my best Valentine!  -Frank, Bloomington

- Roses  -Donna, Secor

- roses  -Elizabeth, GREEN VALLEY

- Roses and a tanning package and a sweet note from my Husband 💕  -Kimberly, Creve Coeur

- Roses from my husband  -Rita, Eureka

- Sadly, nothing stands out. Maybe it hasn't happened yet.  -Michael, NORTH PEKIN

- Salvation  -Linda, Creve Coeur

- Silk boxers  -Ron, Gridley

- Special things from my wife and kids.  -Curtis, Green Valley

- Surprise getaway with my husband  -Megan, Tremont

- The best Valentine gift I've ever received was one year when a friend of mine was babysitting a few kids and I had my child. We decided to have a friend's Valentine night and a kids play date. We made chicken nuggets for the kids and later kept the kids occupied with popcorn and a movie. My friend and I decided to make shishkabobs while pairing it with a glass of wine. He gave me a beautiful red vase with a flower placed inside. Along with the vase, he gave me a friendship Valentine card with a khols gift card. That night was a very special and memorable. We made it work between the kids and us. I still have the red vase today!  -Gina, Tremont

- The best Valentines gift I’ve received would be my Husband, if I can say it like that! Three years ago on Valentine’s Day, I got engaged to my best friend, Jimmy! I thank our amazing Father in heaven for him every day.❤️  -Carly, Tremont

- The finest Valentines gift I received was on February 14th 2009 when the Lord blessed my life and my health by removing the toxic poisons from a 4 pack per daily addiction of tobacco. Through prayer and fasting the Lord removed that addiction,  cold turkey. The first 4 months was rough, but if I had an urge to smoke I grabbed my Bible and read scripture. It 14 years now and the addiction is gone. The shackles that Satan had on me were broken by the power of prayer and the Grace of God.  -David, Wilmington

- The last Valentine Card and flowers my mom gave me before she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  She passed away in 2008.  -Denise, Morton

- The LOVE of Jesue and forgiveness of my sins.
knowing I will be with Him  forever .  -Eileen, Heyworth

- The love of my wife! It gets better every year! (Not only on Valentines Day)  -Dennis, Roanoke

- The promise of Eternal Life  -Marjie, Washington

- The Valentine cards I get from my wife..... they are all inedible and therefore calorie free and she always expresses her love and appreciation for me!  -Jim, Washington

- Time to celebrate Valentine's Day with my wife  -Terry, Washington

- Time with family...  -Anne, Bloomington

- We had a very special Pastor, that was very intentional in making everyone feel loved.
He and his wife made sure that the single ladies and Widows, got their favourite chocolate and a rose for Valentine's day 💘. Another time, during COVID and a horrible snowstorm, a single red rose was delivered to all of the women in the church.
Pastor Fred Doughty knew the true love of God, and is missed so very much.  I'm not crying, you are!  -Terri, Peoria

- We lived in Germany, glass blown roses.  -Shirley, LaRose

- Well, I’m single…so I was thinking through past dating relationships…
But, you know, (and I’m not saying this to butter you up), one year Jim said on air Valentines morning, maybe5 years ago, just how much God loves us… I can’t remember all he said, but it gave me a boost and inner joy… yes, God loves me! What could be better? I am loved.
That is a gift that has lasted…priceless!
Keep it up… you make a huge difference!  -Anne, Normal

- When my husband was away on the Spring Banquet Tour for Wycliffe Associates, he sent a beautiful box of assorted chocolate covered strawberries!  -Barbara, Knoxville

- When my three kids made and served my husband and I a spaghetti supper.  -Diane, Washington

- When our three children made and served us a spaghetti supper.  -Diane, Washington

- Will see with this prize  -Mark, Tremont

- Working at the hospital for many years made it hard to get Valentine's Day off; so usually, we would celebrate the day before the holiday.  I can't remember a favorite one, but I love to eat dinner at a quiet restaurant and come home and watch a "chic flick" with my hubby! During covid, he cooked me a gourmet dinner at home where he made everything from scratch, served it on fine china by candlelight and even cleaned up the kitchen afterwards!  -Holly, Peoria, IL

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